Elastomeric Concrete Coating

Elastomeric concrete coating can be used as a protective coating for concrete to improve longevity or as decorative coating to give it style and design. It bridges porous surfaces to protect the concrete from water penetration and damage. Elastomeric coatings allow the trapped moisture within the concrete to evaporate which eliminates problems like blistering, peeling, and other concrete coating problems. When applied, elastomeric concrete coatings provides a thick and uniform film eliminating minor cracks and other irregularities. They also provide waterproofing protection against wind driven rains specially during extreme weather conditions.

They are available in many colors and may be tinted. There are also textured elastomeric coatings for concrete and masonry structures to provide an enhanced and consistent coating. Before applying elastomeric concrete coating, remember that the concrete should be clean and dry, and in good condition.

elastomeric concrete coating image
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