How to Apply Elastomeric Paint

Applying elastomeric paint may not be that different from regular paint but it's still better to know some good practices when dealing with elastomeric coatings.

Prepare the surface properly, good surface preparation is critical in adhesion since elastomeric paint is thick and you'll likely apply several coating.

Seal any cracks with high quality caulk before applying the elastomeric paint. Also, apply sealer on very chalky surface and masonry that is less than a month old to provide added protected against the alkalinity of the fresh masonry.

Use a high quality elastomeric coating with acrylic binder for best results and better performance.

Apply the elastomeric paint based on suggested coverage to gain the best flexibility usaually in two thick coats.

Leave the elastomeric paint for at least a year if you want to paint over it with a non-elastomeric paint.

To know more about how to apply elastomeric paint, pay a visit to your best local paint store and talk to someone there who knows about elastomeric paint.

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