Elastomeric Deck Coating

Elastomeric deck coatings are used in garages, pool decks, pedestrian bridges, and balconies. They can withstand heavy traffic of both vehicular and pedestrian. They reduce maintenance cost and protect concrete or plywood decks from corrosion and freeze-thaw damage. They also provide waterproofing which is specially needed for elevated decks. It can be applied by brush, roller, or spray on various materials like concrete, steel, and plywood.

The deck is one of the most difficult part of the house to keep the paint looking new and nice. It can be frustrating to see peeling paint on the deck that are hard to maintain. The cost of new coating isn't cheap but the cost of repairing rotted deck can be a lot worse once you ignore maintenance and allow water to penetrate and degrade the deck surface. Ponding water on the surface and the expansion and contraction of the surface due to temperature change can cause the paint to peel.

Avoid Deck Coating Problems

You can prevent your deck from becoming a problem by inspecting them often at least once per. During the summer is ideal. Look for cracks and bubbles in the coating surface, nails popping through the coating, and other signs that your deck coating was compromised. Catch small problems before they become big problems.

Know what type of deck coating you have to know how often the deck needs to be maintained. In general soft deck paints needs to be maintained more often. For decks to last long, proper care and maintenance is a must. Do some good cleaning to rinse dirt away.

Elastomeric deck coating provides a protective non-slip surface available in variety of colors and textures and can be purchased from most hardware stores, Be sure to purchase elastomeric deck coating that is waterproof and weatherproof.

Deck Coating Preparation

Wooden deck should not be painted with traditional opaque paint that seals the wood completely. Wood needs to breath. The proper way to paint a previously painted deck is to remove any prior paint and sanding to remove residual paint. New wood deck surfaces must be sanded to remove mill glaze and weathered wood to remove loose fibers or splintered areas.

To prepare concrete surface, cracks must be sealed and the surface should be completely clean. Remove any dirt, residue, or debris.

Apply Elastomeric Deck Coating

Elastomeric deck paint can be applied using a roller or brush like other paints. Leave coating to dry for at least 24 hours. Don't apply if there's possibility of rain or bad weather which may effect how the coating dries. Read manufacturer specific instructions for best results.

The outside appearance of decks are important to both commercial and residential owners. Finding the right deck coating solution should make the job easier. Fixing cracks or stains on any property is unsightly and could lead to major damage and costly repairs if left alone. Using the right deck coating should protect the surface from further damage from pedestrian or vehicular traffic. It also protects against climate changes and chemicals which should save you from repairing damages in the long term.

Understanding what you're buying could be critical when high trafficked areas are involved, some may have long curing times while others could have odors during application that could be toxic.

Elastomeric deck paint is ideal for surfaces that experience heavy traffic and weathering. The quality of the deck paint must meet the necessary demands of the surface it is applied. Elastomeric deck coating is the ideal choice for waterproofing projects where high performance and tough flexible coating is required.

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