Elastomeric Sealant

Elastomeric sealant is used in filling up and sealing spaces indoors or outdoors. It's a kind of building material with excellent flexibility even after it dries hard. Elastomeric sealant is an excellent sealant as it expands when applied into a crack making it waterproof. It is also barely visible in almost all materials.

Using Elastomeric Sealant

It can be used in small or big projects that requires sealing cracks. Elastomeric sealants can be applied in windows around your homes that has water or air seeping in during a storm or typhoon. Use it in your creaking floorboards, if your floorboard has a slight squeak put a small amount between the boards to fix it. You can also use it to repair your driveway or sidewalk using it between spaces. It's great to use since it moves and expands with the structure.

Applying elastomeric sealant should be easy. Fill up the space you want to seal and let it settle. It will do its job and fill up small gaps and spaces in the area. It should stay there even when there's some weight applied and should remain waterproof.

Other Benefits of Elastomeric Sealant

You can do many things with elastomeric sealant. You can apply it in its natural color or you can make it blend with the material. Like elastomeric paint, use can use it in many different materials like metals, concrete, glass, and wood. It's flexibility is also suitable to changing climates, as it expands with the material and shrinks with it.

Its elasticity is due to its main component, elastomer, a polymer that is elastic and also called elastic polymer or rubber. This polymer is primarily used as adhesives, seals, and flexible parts.

Elastomeric sealants are usually found in hardware and specialty stores and sold in a tube or can in a creamy form. You can apply it by hand or using a caulking gun.

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