Elastomeric Tape

Elastomeric tape is an easy to use and convenient specially designed insulation product. It is applied by pressure to surfaces like fittings and pipes. The pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds firmly and permanently.

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The closed-cell elastomeric insulation structure provides waterproofing capability as well as insulation properties. It is used to prevent heat gain or condensation on cold water pipes and refrigeration lines. It is also used on hot water pipes and liquid heating to reduce heat loss. The elastomeric tape can be wrapped multiple times in various conditions.

It's available in various colors like gray, white, orange, yellow, black, green, and red. It's designed to be flexible and it can stretch and fit odd shapes and will not crack on expansion and contraction.

Elastomeric Tape Application

You can use it to prevent condensation on cold water plumbing, refrigeration lines, and chilled water. It can also be used to reduce heat loss on liquid heating and hot water piping. You can wrap it multiple times depending on your needs.

Surfaces must be clean and dry before applying the elastomeric tape and the surface must not be hot. It can be applied by winding spirally along pipes or tubes releasing the release paper as the tape is wrapped around the pipe. Use minimum pressure to apply the tape and avoid stretching. It's best to apply it on non heated surface. Some elastomeric tapes can even be applied underwater.

Polyurethane Elastomeric Tape

Polyurethane elastomeric tape on the other hand are exceptionally tough. It's resistant to abrasion, punctures, tearing, and erosion. It's also made resistant to ultraviolet light. It's typically used to protect against minor damage and corrosion. You can easily install it and paint over it if necessary.

Elastomeric tape is an easy to use product for insulation purposes.

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